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Everybody across St. Louis knows how temperamental the climate is in Missouri. With freezing winters and blistering summers, you need to be prepared for the most intense parts of the months. If you are looking for dependable warmth, air conditioning or insulation, you want to check that your HVAC system runs properly.

Your HVAC system, or heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, is what keeps hot and cold air blowing around your house. The HVAC system keeps the cold air away during the winter and inside over the hot months. Our primary focus is to perform installation work that makes your property in St. Louis as pleasant as it can. While there are a few components you can inspect without HVAC training, you need professionals to fix a broken heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. Fixtures like fans, electric and attic insulation must function to produce a comfortable environment for everyone in your home.

HVAC Services of St. Louis

The only place in St. Louis you should call for home repairs and improvements is FIX St. Louis. Our expertise includes HVAC and insulation maintenance. Our service experts can help with minor projects like installing a ceiling fan or adding brand new HVAC systems.

Water Heaters & Heating

With the cold temperatures in St. Louis during the winter, you don’t want to be caught without a cozy house. Hot water is useful to cook, bathe and clean, even when it’s hot out. FIX St. Louis provides repairs for regular heating systems along with water heater service. If you need a different water heater or your current one needs maintenance, our specialists are ready to help. Expansion tanks, system installation and similar requests are typical jobs for our trained contractors. Scheduled repairs to your HVAC system or water heater keeps your home’s temperature comfortable, air breathable and energy bills low.

Ceiling Fans & Air Conditioning

There’s nothing like coming home to a cold house after running around on a hot mid-summer day. The knowledgeable professionals at FIX St. Louis work with wall fans and cooling systems anywhere in St. Louis. Stay at ease during the warmest months by making certain your fans and AC are in working order.

Insulation in your Wall

Insulation comes in different types to serve different functions in your house. When your attic or walls have insulation, your HVAC system isn’t forced to work as hard, which drops the cost of your energy bills. Weather stripping, wall and attic insulation are just a few of the multiple handyman services we provide.