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Plumbing issues, such as a clogged kitchen sink is irritating for a homeowner, and perhaps you have a defective garbage disposal. Garbage disposals are advantageous, but when it is malfunctioning, your time in the kitchen is hindered. FIX St. Louis can resolve your issues with our garbage disposal repair and installation services. Our expert team has the background in adjusting and putting in new garbage disposals for your kitchen sink. Whether your garbage disposal needs to be fixed or you need a new one installed, FIX St. Louis can help. Don’t let a backed-up sink get in the way of things.

There are a couple of things that can go wrong with a garbage disposal, and one of the main ones is the motor not operating right. A lot of the time your garbage disposal can be fixed instead of it needing to be changed out. To keep the price within a budget, our plumbers treat the issue as a garbage disposal repair before putting in a new one is even considered. You can trust the expert plumbers at FIX St. Louis for any garbage disposal repair jobs.

Nevertheless, garbage disposals can’t last forever, and if you have an older one, it may be time for a replacement. In the event that a replacement is suggested, we’ll make sure to get you the right garbage disposal that stays within budget and performs the way you want it to. You can trust FIX St. Louis for garbage disposal installation services, and we’ll ensure your new unit has the horsepower your kitchen sink needs and that the new machine isn’t too loud for you.

There are a few ways to maintain your garbage disposal, such as:

  • Do not attempt to grind eggshells, coffee grounds, bones, fruit pits, pasta, rice and any other stringy food
  • Do not over stuff your disposal
  • You can filter unwanted solids from your disposal by inserting a drain strainer in your sink
  • Use grapefruit peels to make your disposal smell fantastic

Reach Out to FIX St. Louis Today

At FIX St. Louis, we are proud with our strong reputation, and we’re dedicated to give our customers with the best services. Our services are 100% guaranteed, so we will back up our work for a whole year when the garbage disposal repair or installation is completed. With our Better Business Bureau rating of an A+ and being consistently placed in the top 5% on Angie’s List, you can count on FIX St. Louis. Call FIX St. Louis at 314-434-4100 to arrange for a consultation today.