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Dining Room: Go from Dull to Dazzling with Crown Molding, Chair Rails, and Molding

When you had family and friends at your home for the holidays, did your dining room add to the warmth of the occasion? Perhaps it has a big table, and maybe one or two nice pieces of furniture.

But otherwise, is it just plain dull, feeling more like a closet than a comfortable place for eating and conversation?

Perhaps you’ve thought about adding a piece of furniture, but somehow that’s never seemed to make sense. Impressive dining room pieces are expensive and they take up space that may be needed to accommodate a large table. And, let’s face it, even though you may dream of using your dining room more often throughout the year for your family, how many times are you REALLY going to use that additional piece to make the investment worth it? You have higher priorities for new furniture in your house.

Fortunately, there is a simple way to turn your dining room into the most impressive room in your home. And, it can be done without spending one more penny on furniture or taking-up one more square inch of floor space.

Look at your dining room walls and imagine this: crown molding along the top, a chair rail along the middle, decorative baseboards along the bottom, and perhaps even molding in picture frame formations between the chair rail and baseboard. Now, wouldn’t THAT bring your dining room to life?

As you might imagine, Fix St Louis has helped many, many homeowners upgrade their dining rooms this way. We are professionals and we have the required carpentry skills to produce perfect results and complete the job promptly.

Not surprisingly, some homeowners ask us if this is a job they can do themselves. Given that we run an honest business, we always give our customers honest answers. Our honest answer is “maybe”, but there are an awful lot of things that can go wrong that might make them sorry they tried.

For example, many people do not realize that when you cut pieces of crown molding to run through inside and outside corners, you are actually cutting on TWO angles in the same cut, a feat best accomplished with something called a compound miter saw. And if you are off by just a little bit on either angle, it really can’t be fixed to look right by patching with wood colored putty on stained molding, or additional globs of caulk, putty, spackle, or whatever on painted molding. You can also go through quite a bit of additional, and not particularly inexpensive molding trying to perfect your cut piece.

Fix St Louis would be delighted to visit your home and discuss options with you, at no cost. Together, we can make your dining room a showpiece, and a warm and comfortable space for those magic moments with friends and family. When you work with Fix St Louis you will also get a 1 year warranty on labor and material, so be sure to call us today at 1-314-434-4100.