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Your Guide To Door Repair

Fix those door-sasters before your holiday guests arrive!

If you’re like a lot of people, you’ve been consciously ignoring some of the problems you have with your doors. Maybe you don’t know anything about door repair. In some measure, you might not have the time to tackle even the smallest door repair project. Or perhaps its mostly because you don’t have a clue who to call to fix them — in part because you realize most contractors do not want to be bothered with small stuff like this.

Do any of these sound familiar?:

  • A closet in your front entry or pantry with bi-fold doors (a pair of often-louvered folding door panels) that have fallen off their track at the top.
  • A bedroom or bathroom door that doesn’t quite click when you close it, so it can’t be locked and might open by itself by surprise.
  • Sliding closet doors that swing freely into and outside of the closet because there are no floor guides to stop them
  • When you approach your front door you get cold feet and I mean LITERALLY because there’s a gap at the bottom through which cold air enters
  • And speaking about that front door, maybe you have to give it a body slam to get it to close all the way, so you can lock it

OK, so maybe you and your family can live with these home-peccadilloes, because it’s no big secret among those living with you that your house is not perfect, and if someone’s privacy is violated every once in awhile, it’s not the end of the world.

But when the holidays arrive, do you really want Uncle Freddy and Aunt Fanny to see and fall victim to these quirky door things that make you seem negligent?  Worse still, what about your MOTHER, with whom you’ve spent 2+ decades trying to convince her you can competently take care of yourself and that you didn’t marry a loser?

If you are not already beyond embarrassment about your door-sasters, please give us a call, and we’ll get you all fixed-up before your relatives ring the doorbell.  (BTW, for the half of you whose doorbell is not working, we can fix that, too!)