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Fix St Louis finally gets a competitor that specializes in small jobs

You’ve probably learned that most of the home repairs you need, and the jobs most handymen want, are two ENTIRELY DIFFERENT things. 

You’ve got a list of small jobs, right? It’s a door that doesn’t quite click shut when you close it, a toilet that won’t stop running, a window that drops like a guillotine when you open it then let go, and ominous cracks and brown spots that recently appeared on your ceiling. But the handymen you call want to gut your kitchen, replace all your windows, or limit their work to one narrow area like plumbing, and won’t put your walls and ceilings back the way they found them.

Until now, Fix St Louis has been the ONLY handyman company in St Louis that PREFERS these small jobs that no other company wants. At times we’ve wondered what we’ve missed that someday will catch up with us. That maybe some day our accountant will tell us that, if we had every once in a while lifted our heads out from the toilets we’ve been so busy fixing, we might have noticed our business went bankrupt years ago.

Well, just this week we got a boost of confidence in our business model, when a new competitor entered the St Louis market that ALSO specializes in small jobs. They’re called “ACME Small Home Repairs Company.” Maybe you’re familiar with them. They’re mostly a mail order company who sell Acme Anvils, Acme Dynamite, Acme Axle Grease, Acme Invisible Paint, Acme Giant Rubber Bands, Acme Rocket Powered Roller Skates, Acme Dehydrated Boulders, and Acme Jet-Propelled Pogo Sticks. They advertise exclusively through product placement on Road Runner cartoons with spokesperson Wile E Coyote.

April Fools! Or did you NOT notice the date on your smartphone?

No, when it comes to small home repairs, it’s still just us, Fix St Louis. As a matter of fact, we double-down on doing things other handymen think we’re “foolish” to do:

Firm Scheduled Dates and Times
When you agree to an estimate from Fix St Louis, we tell you EXACTLY the date AND time we will start work. None of this “looks-like-it’ll-be-about-3-weeks-we’ll-call-you-about-a-week-in-advance” stuff, which is often followed by never hearing back from them at all. Not even this “we’ll-be-there-between-8-and-noon” stuff. We’re not going to make you wait around. We’ll promise to be there at 8:15 a.m.

We Do Pretty Much Everything
With Fix St Louis, it’s one-stop shopping. We do plumbing, electrical, carpentry, drywall, decks, fences, windows, doors, and more. If fixing what’s broken also requires breaking into walls, disconnecting wires, and other demolition work, we will put your house back together before we leave. And if your work REALLY requires a specialist, we’ll be honest and tell you, and even give you a referral if there’s a company we know and trust.

Firm Prices
Fix St Louis provides you with a firm price for each task. If things don’t go as smoothly as we had anticipated, that’s on us, not you (except, of course, in extraordinary circumstances of a hidden problem that could not have been known in advance, requiring a revised estimate). That’s MUCH better than hiring someone else on an hourly basis, where you can’t predict what it will cost you, while you spend your time stewing about how much of his time was spent on the phone, at the store, or in general not doing hands-on work.

Remember, with Fix St Louis you never have to be embarrassed about wasting our time with a job that is too small. And you’ll never be pressured to make the job any bigger than it needs to be.

Well, it’s almost April 15th, so I gotta run to visit the folks who do my taxes, ACME Accounting Services. Hopefully, once again they’ll tell us we’re still in business, even though no other handyman understands how we could be. If our accountant feels otherwise, you’ll be the first to know.

Dr Steve
Fix St Louis