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It’s FiXmas Season!

Get those small repairs done before the holidays!

Thanksgiving’s over, the guests have left, and hopefully they didn’t notice. After all, they were around for just a few hours, little kids were screaming, and there was a lot of activity and confusion. Surely, the guests didn’t notice that the door bell didn’t ring, the clothes closet door fell off its track, that water stained ceiling above their heads from that time your upstairs bathroom sink leaked, or that you had cordoned off your ENTIRE 2ND FLOOR, a “no go” zone full of honey do repairs that honey didn’t.

But now that it’s right after Thanksgiving, you can give thanks that you have MORE THAN 3 WEEKS to get all those small repairs done before more guests arrive — guests who will be staying over long enough to be at best inconvenienced, and at worst grossed-out by the repairs needed in your home.

There’s no one better than Fix St Louis to handle these small, pre-holiday repairs. We SPECIALIZE in the small jobs no other contractors are interested in. We provide one-stop shopping, whether you need plumbing, electric, carpentry, or pretty much any other type of home repair on your list. We arrive at firm scheduled times, so you don’t burn-up valuable shopping time waiting for us to show-up within a broad time range. We’re bonded, insured, and guarantee our work for a year. We have a full-time customer service representative so that your calls are answered, and your questions are addressed promptly.

There’s no place like a (repaired) home for the holidays. So, give us a jingle this FiXmas season!