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Here’s that Answer to What’s Blowin’ in the Wind

When I was just a wee little handy-boy, there was this popular song you may have heard of, “Blowin’ in the Wind.” It posed a series of questions that sounded real deep, but didn’t make a whole lot of sense. Then it breezily dismissed them by telling us the answer was “blowin’ in the wind.” Gee thanks, THAT was helpful!

The fact is, you could pretty much substitute any of your own words into that song and you would also sound like you were saying something equally profound, inspirational, and unhelpful. Like, “How many toilets must one man repair, before you can call him a handyman?”

Now, there are a whole lot of vocations that refer to themselves as artists. “Handyman” does not happen to be one of them — and we’re fine with that. At Fix St Louis, our calling is to do practical things, like fixing that aforementioned toilet.

So, when I see a song like this, as a non-artist, I’m only thinking about what practical use it might have. As it turns out, questions about things blowing in the wind actually DO have answers, and Fix St Louis is usually it:

Siding and Soffits
So the wind just blew-off a couple of panels of siding, or maybe some soffit panels beneath the roof. Who are you going to call — a company that does siding and roofing? Well, I suppose if you want to meet a nice 20-something-year-old, who was hired the day-before-yesterday, with a mission to sell you on replacing ALL your siding, that would be a good plan. But if you want to save a whole lot of money by simply reattaching fallen panels, or finding replacements for missing or broken panels, you’d call Fix St Louis.

What if the wind tore-off the screen mesh on your windows or screened porch? THEN who would you call? Maybe you know of some “Chuck in a Truck” or “Pete in a Pickup” who could fix that. But these days, even Chuck and Pete are real busy, and coming out for a small job like that instead of, for instance, remodeling a kitchen would be beneath them. Well, it’s not beneath Fix St Louis. We PREFER small jobs, and are specially set-up to handle them.

After the last wind storm, is one of your shutter panels now dangling, or did it fall-off completely? And take a closer look at your vinyl shutters. Do you notice any of the corners pulling away from the house? Or maybe your shutters have faded or have disintegrated, so now’s the time to replace them. Yep, Fix St Louis is the answer on these, too.

Roof Fascia
This may be one you’ve never heard of, but sooner or later there’s a good chance you will. If you look closely at the angled boards that run along the edge of your roof, on a side of your house that has a gable vent, you may notice that these boards are wrapped by a thin layer of white aluminum. Every once in a while the wind will catch this metal, and a thin strip will dangle from your roof. Once again, the answer is Fix St Louis.

And so, people, I must ask you this. How much wind damage must one homeowner have, that he pretends that he just doesn’t see? The answer, my friend, is not blowing in the wind. The answer is calling Fix St Louis.

Dr Steve
Fix St Louis