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Is Google Gemini AI Erasing OUR People, too?

This week, your humble correspondent learned something strange happens when you search Google for pictures of historical figures. You’re shown images that include people OF color, but that are missing people WITHOUT color, in roles like the Pope, the Founding Fathers, vikings, Nazi war generals, and leprechauns.

Now, I don’t have the ability to think like the geniuses at Google. And as I’ve mentioned, I get most of my news from the muffled sounds of TV’s playing in the background while my head is immersed in toilets. So, I’m not going to pretend to have figured this all out. But it sure seems like Google thinks people who have been deprived of color have selfishly grabbed the most coveted, most sought after jobs for themselves, even among war criminals and imaginary characters. 

So now I’m thinking, if Google can select a group of people with something in common, decide they are “privileged,” then make them disappear, are there any other groups who have now gone missing and I hadn’t noticed? I mean, we at Fix St Louis often tell customers we feel “privileged” to have the opportunity to fix their toilets. I mean, is it possible Google has launched a quiet war on MY peeps, the ones who can FIX things?

Before you write me off as some kind of kook who has inhaled too much paint thinner, you know there IS plenty of evidence that handymen are being disappeared. Fix St Louis customers often tell us how hard it is to find any handymen for small jobs, using Google or other means. And they tell us that even when they DO find one on the web, they’ll fill out a form, interact with a chat bot, or speak to someone on the phone to set-up an appointment and STILL never hear back.

Could there be evil corporate forces behind this, who don’t WANT contractors to actually FIX things, but only want them to REPLACE them with products they sell? Are there powerful lobbyists from Big Window, Big Door, Big Siding, or Big Toilet?

No, actually you don’t need a conspiracy theory to explain why handymen are so hard to find, and that we at Fix St Louis are pretty much the only reliable source you can call to:
FIX rather than replace things.
Work on SMALL JOBS not just big ones.
Work across ALL the trades, including plumbing, electric, carpentry and more.

The reason Fix St Louis is pretty much the only game in town is that it is HARD to do what we do. Not for us, but for everyone else. After 14 years of perfecting our processes, we use a lot of technology and proprietary systems to keep track of a lot of jobs, communicate effectively with our customers, control our labor costs, work in all the trades, and offer firm work dates and times (not floating ones, like everyone else).

In fact, we at Fix St Louis BOAST about our PRIVILEGE to serve you and fix your homes. So give it your best shot, Google! If that offends you, good luck with your magic trick to make us disappear.

Dr Steve
Fix St Louis