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Why Those Small Repairs Linger on Your List (And Why They Don’t Have To)

If you’re like virtually every homeowner, you’ve got 2-3 little things wrong with your house right now. Maybe, they’re not really preventing you from doing anything, like using a sink or going into a room. And, maybe you’ve found ways to work-around them or not think about them. But…they bug you.

It doesn’t look right…it’s not working as well as it should…if I don’t do something, maybe it will get worse and then it will cost me more. They’re always in the back of your mind as a low grade irritation.

So, WHY do homeowners put-off fixing the small stuff? Mostly, we hear 4 reasons:

  1. The Honey-Doer Who Doesn’t: Many homeowners have in their life a well-meaning, but not particularly dependable do-it-yourself’er. Sure, this person has promised to fix it, but never seems to get around to it, sometimes for good reason. People these days are busy and, after all, these ARE small problems we are talking about.
  2. Fear of High Cost: Since these are problems homeowners cannot fix themselves, they may not know how big or expensive it is. And that scares them. It is conventional wisdom among realtors that potential home buyers overestimate the cost of needed repairs by an average of 3 times!
  3. Thinking the Job is Too Small for a Contractor: Homeowners tend to think contractors don’t like small jobs that take just an hour or two — that if they invite them over to take a look, contractors will make the problem seem worse or try to sell them a bigger job.
  4. Not Knowing Who to Call: Homeowners tend to put contractors into boxes. A water problem means you need a plumber. A problem with a light fixture means you need an electrician. So, who do you call when your window won’t stay open, but slams shut? Or when a door won’t stay closed because the latch no longer clicks in place? Or there’s water damage and cracks on your ceiling?

Fortunately, there’s Fix St Louis, the answer to all of the above reasons-to-procrastinate.

Typically, we can be at your home within a week, fixing problems you’ve been living with for months. And when we get busy, we don’t make you wait for weeks — we just grow by adding more employees so we can get a technician out to your home sooner.
You won’t have to fear high costs because we give FREE and FIRM estimates, even on small jobs. You’ll agree in advance to the cost of the job, and you won’t have to look at your watch the entire time we’re at your home, worried that the longer we take, the more you’ll pay.

You can’t offend us by asking only for a small repair — we SPECIALIZE in small jobs (although we do big jobs, too). We are willing to work for as little as one hour, and you won’t be pressured to do more.

Forget about having to be an expert on selecting the appropriate expert. We provide ONE-STOP SHOPPING for all home repairs. About 90% of our work is done by our own employees. And if the job requires a specialist, we’ll handle that, too.

So, live in the house you want to live in TODAY, and be done with those small problems that have been nagging you. And, say to that well-meaning honey-doer in your life, “never mind, I’ll take care of it.” Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be?