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“Staring at the Walls” Treasure Hunt

It’s cold outside, so you’re stuck inside. Looking for something fun to do? Why not participate in our Fix St Louis Treasure Hunt!

Just grab a pad and pen, and look around your house. Now, find as many of the items below as you can, then write them down. Quickly, please!

— Suspicious doorknob-shaped depressions in your wall behind doors without doorstops

— Diagonal cracks shooting up from the top corners of your doors

— Visible “seams” that run in long straight lines across your ceiling

— Discolored areas in your ceiling beneath upstairs bathrooms, sometimes associated with cracks

— Tiles pulling away from your shower walls that make you wonder whether water is getting behind them

— Punched-in wall areas from the time your son threw something across the room while your daughter, thankfully, ducked

Feel better now? You should! Because you just won a $25 coupon to have all the items on your list repaired. Notice that this coupon has ALREADY appeared on this web page, below.

To redeem your prize, call or email us right now. Who knew staring at the walls could be this much fun?

Seriously, we at Fix St Louis wish you a very happy new year, and we hope to have the pleasure of working with you soon.

Dr. Steve