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Storage Ideas for the Corvette-Deprived

If you think finding places for storage can be a big problem, you might be comforted to know that no less a figure than the leader of the free world agrees with you. Imagine how dispirited this poor man must have felt when he realized he ran out of space to provide climate-control for his top secret documents, so had to kick them out of his house and into the garage to spend quality time with his Corvette.

Fortunately for you, you are NOT President of the United States nor a resident of Wilmington, Delaware, so are eligible to receive the not-so-secret services of Fix St Louis. That means you have access to our storage design services, and technicians who can turn your storage dreams into reality.

Show Fix St Louis the corner of just about any room, and we’ll create a closet by building 2 walls at a right angle to each other with a door. Or we can add wood or wire shelving to an existing closet.

Do you have attic space above the cars in your garage OR above the top floor of your house? Fix St Louis can install an attic ladder to give you access to it. And we won’t forget to lay down plywood to walk on, so you don’t fall through the ceiling onto the next floor down, or into the seat of a Corvette if you’re that lucky.

Walls in Garage & Basement
Let Fix St Louis build self-standing shelving units out of lumber along the unfinished walls in your basement and garage to get those boxes off the floor. Or hang pegboards from your walls for your seasonal wreaths, brooms, garden tools, and hand tools. Nowadays, we can even suspend stuff from garage ceilings, like large storage platforms and bikes.

Fix St Louis can build an outdoor storage shed for you, either by assembling a pre-fab kit made of plastic, aluminum, or wood, or by building a shed from scratch.

Yeah, I know it’s disappointing to learn that, even after clawing your way up to the highest position in the land, your storage problems will just follow you there. But, cheer up! I think I read somewhere on the Internet that heaven has unlimited storage. But until then, call Fix St Louis.

Dr Steve
Fix St Louis