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Storm Doors: That door that hits you on your way out

Hey, what’s with that extra door that blocks your front door? That flimsy thing that’s always in the way when you carry bags in and out, and every once in awhile gives you a smart whack on your backside. Why are you hiding your attractive front door behind something that at best is invisible, just glass and a thin frame? And, what joker came up with this idea anyway — the guy who invented plastic slip covers?

The truth is, storm doors are a lot like tonsils. If they become a problem you can live without them. But they can perform helpful functions.

If your storm door really bugs you, we at Fix St Louis can perform surgery — a “storm-door-ectomy” that includes restoring the surrounding door jambs and framing to their original condition.

But, if you want to keep your storm door, we can make it better. We can make it close faster, slower, or more completely, and keep it from flying open too far on a windy day. We can fix handles, push buttons, latches, and locks. We can replace screens and glass. We can also re-secure it to your door frame, and fix any damage to wooden areas to which it is attached.

If you’re wondering, here are the reasons many prefer to keep or add storm doors:

— They provide an extra layer of protection from wind and cold air at the biggest “hole” in your house, your front door opening

— They keep pets from running out when you’re talking to someone at your front door

— Fit with a screen, they can instantly convert your front door into the largest open window in your house, letting in fresh air. This works particularly well with a whole house fan in a hallway ceiling, pulling fresh air into and through your home. A great alternative to air conditioning in the Spring and Fall.

— Some believe it gives them extra security when locked from the inside. I dunno. Seems to me burglars would prefer more inconspicuous places to break into a home than its front door.

Whether or not you want a storm door, Fix St Louis is ready to swing into action. Give us a call!

Dr. Steve