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You may need help to get out of your OWN “Stormy” problems

Your humble correspondent has noticed a disturbing trend, and I wonder if it’s just me. Like just this week, I read that Prince Harry and Meghan are creating a Netflix series on polo and cooking.

So I’m thinking, what makes THEM such experts on those, to justify Netflix paying them millions of dollars? Yeah, it’s true I know even less than they do. No one would ever pay to listen to me discuss how I’ve never been within a mile of a polo field, or to prepare a meal for them even if I washed my hands TWICE after a day of working on other people’s toilets. But still.

And then yesterday, I’m in a customer’s house examining a broken door in the basement, and upstairs there’s a TV on. At first I thought they were talking about severe weather next week, something of great interest to me and our customers.

Then they mentioned a lady you may have heard of named Stormy Daniels, who I immediately assumed by her name must be that new weather girl at Channel 5. But no, Stormy was soon going to be testifying in court about whether the payment method used for her “services” by a candidate for President of the United States made him unfit for office. I know, I know — these “services” were not small home repair jobs like we perform at Fix St Louis, but stuff that only happens on the east side of the River. But still, should the question of who will be the next leader of the free world hinge on her “expertise”?

Apparently, we at Fix St Louis take storms more seriously than did Stormy’s parents at the time they completed her birth certificate. As we have all seen in the last couple of weeks, storms are dangerous and can be costly to your home. So, let’s see if Fix St Louis can right here give you better advice than you can get from ex-Royalty and aging whatever-you-want-to-call-thems.

Storm Doors
Ha! This one’s funny. Probably the only thing in your house that’s named after storms has NOTHING to do with storms. Some people like to use storm doors with the screen only to let in more fresh air, or with the glass only to let in more light. But for most homeowners they are a pain-in-the-you-know-what that always hits them in the you-know-what on their way out. Either way, Fix St Louis can install them, or remove them while fixing the newly exposed damage.

Entry Doors
If cold air and water are getting into your house around your front door or other doors to the outside, including your garage door, you may want to call us at Fix St Louis. We can replace the weatherstripping around the tops and sides of these doors, the door sweeps at the bottom, and the thresholds if needed.

Outside White Trim and Siding
You may have cracks, holes, and rotted areas on the outside of your house that are letting in cold air and water. Take a good look at the typically white-colored trim around windows and doors, the door jambs (framing around the part of the door that swings), and siding panels. We can replace or patch those areas, and often use composite, plastic-based materials that won’t ever rot, so you’ll never have to fix them again.

Water Entering from the Outside
This is a big topic that can include gutters, roofs, siding, landscaping, and foundations. Fix St Louis can do SOME of this work, but much of it is frankly outside our wheelhouse and should be done by specialists. However as a rule of thumb, it is pretty much ALWAYS a good idea to call Fix St Louis FIRST to get an assessment of what you need. We have no incentive to persuade you to pursue any particular type of repair, or to turn what should be a small fix into a big replacement job. And in any event, most likely you’ll need us at the end to restore what was damaged on the inside of your house.

Meanwhile, in our often unserious world, Fix St Louis will always take YOUR home repair problems seriously, ESPECIALLY those small repairs that most other contractors don’t take seriously at all. Seriously, give us a call!

Dr Steve
Fix St Louis