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On the 12th day of FiXmas my handyman fixed for me…

12 windows slamming
11 outlets sparking
10 pop-up drain plugs popping
9 faucets dripping
8 doors a sticking
7 smoke detectors beeping
6 mirrors hanging
5 wax toi–let ringssssss
4 falling shelves
3 French doors
2 chandeliers above
and a door track on a pan–try

Wow! That FiXmas classic never fails to bring to a tear to this handyman’s eyes. Well, we’re now well into FiXmas, the pre-Christmas home repair season, so:

Take out that to-do list, checking it twice.
Get those repairs done now, take our advice.
Christmas guests are coming to town.

Merry Christmas and Many Happy Repairs from Fix St Louis!

Dr Steve
Fix St Louis