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Our screen work also gets awards, but without the glamour

I hate to break it to you young people out there, but when you get to be my age you will come to understand that life is not fair. Like on tonight’s Academy Awards, for instance. You will watch people who are lucky enough to be born beautiful and happen to be good at making facial expressions while pretending to be somebody else in front of a camera, as they receive wealth, adoration, and accolades from millions and millions around the globe.

OK, so unlike THEIR screen work, our screen work at Fix St Louis won’t make you laugh, cry, be uplifted, or send you on a 100-minute mental vacation from your day-to-day life. And maybe our technicians don’t offer you helpful, unsolicited advice on what to think about all the world’s problems.

No, but our screen work does something much, much more important. It keeps bugs from crawling, flying, and building webs all around your house – some of which actually have the nerve to sting you while they’re there. Maybe that’s why they call them ‘pests.’

Screens have a tough life, being outdoors all of the time, but we at Fix St Louis make them all better. We can replace your torn screens. We can replace missing screens by building new ones, much less expensively than you might think. We can repair or replace your storm door and that damaged sliding screen door behind your patio doors.

We can even replace the screens that your knucklehead builder built right into the framing of your screened porch, so they could never be replaced easily — and make them so they can.

The folks who give awards have taken notice of our work, not just on screens but on everything else we do. A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, top 5% in Angie’s list, and an embarrassingly long list of awards from Home Advisor that would make a Hollywood diva blush.

Oh, and speaking of screening, our technicians are heavily screened. They have at least 10 years of experience and have passed criminal background checks.

So maybe we at Fix St Louis might not be counted among the beautiful people. We just treat our customers as if THEY are.

Dr Steve
Fix St Louis