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We’re the Fredbird for Ceiling Fan Fans

St Louisans understand better than anyone that you can still be a big fan even when performance is disappointing and problems seem insurmountable. A helpful trait when your baseball team is 14 games behind the Cubs with only 5 weeks to go, to pick an implausible hypothetical.

Like most of you, we at Fix St Louis are big fans of ceiling fans. They can make you feel comfortable in a room in ways no other heating or cooling devices can, and with a negligible energy cost.

But sometimes, like baseball fans, ceiling fan fans encounter situations where they lose hope that there is any way out. They need someone beside them, like Fredbird, who is constantly smiling, wearing a costume (or uniform), sometimes making fun at their expense, but ensuring them everything is going to be all right. Other than that making fun part, that’s what we at Fix St Louis do.

Here’s a partial list of things Fix St Louis can do with ceiling fans you might not have thought possible.

  • Install a new ceiling fan on ANY ceiling, even in rooms without ceiling lights
  • Stop wobbling blades and replace damaged blades
  • Get the light bulbs on the bottom of your fan to start working again
  • Hang a ceiling fan on an angled ceiling
  • Change the bulbs in a fan that’s two stories off the ground
  • Add a remote control feature to your fan, or restore a broken one
  • Replace or repair a ceiling fan wall switch
  • Install a ceiling fan where there’s a light fixture now
  • Replace your fan when its time for it to retire

What Yogi once said about baseball applies equally to ceiling fans – ‘it ain’t over till it’s over.’ Give Fix St Louis a call and give your ceiling fan hopes a chance.

Dr Steve
Fix St Louis