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Did your handyman disappear? Maybe he’s just not that into you.

I swear, some weeks I feel like an investigator for the missing persons bureau, handyman division. Homeowners say things about their previous handymen like “I just don’t understand it – everything was all set up and he didn’t show-up” or “he started the job, the materials he needs to finish it are still here, but I can’t get a hold of him.” And, of course the ubiquitous “he never picks-up the phone” and “I can’t leave a message because there’s no voicemail.”

Now, no one has ever mistaken me for someone who gives good relationship advice, but maybe in this case I can help.

It’s not you, it’s him. And to understand it you have to think like one of these guys, or at least what passes for thought.

In the handyman’s pecking order, your worth is directly related to three things: 1) how much money he can make on your job — only this one job; 2) how long your job will take, so that during that hopefully prolonged period he does not have to be bothered with scrambling around to find new customers; and 3) whether another customer has just popped-up that ranks higher than you on #’s 1 or 2.

But at Fix St Louis, we’re just not like that. We seek meaningful relationships. To let you in on a secret, our success is based upon repeat business – people being happy with our work, service, and pricing, then calling us back later to do even more.

That’s why we hire the best folks we can find (most trained at Ranken Technical College, BTW), have a full-time customer service rep, show-up at firm scheduled times, guarantee our work for a year, and communicate with you diligently through phone, email, and text messages.

So, why mess around with some “Chuck in a Truck” who will dump you for the next better job? Call Fix St Louis, a handyman company you’d be comfortable introducing to your own mother.

Dr Steve
Fix St Louis