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Turn on the A/C? Don’t touch that dial! Whole House Fan Season opens today

Now that the weather outside is starting to climb above room temperature, you may be tempted to start running your air conditioner and running-up your electric bills with it. We have some simple advice for you. Don’t.

Now, don’t get me wrong – air conditioning is great and all that. It has made the development of human civilization in St Louis possible despite our summers. But in the Spring & Summer, science has proven that the human species can flourish here better without it.

The secret is the use of an invention called the Whole House Fan, which everyone in the world, with the exception of me and the folks who print the boxes they’re shipped in, mistakenly call an “attic fan.” But, that is a hectoring lecture for another day.

A Whole House Fan is typically a 3′ x 3′ louvered rectangular object installed on a hallway ceiling, with a fan above it in the attic, and a wall switch nearby. When you turn it on and open screened windows and doors, it sucks in air from outside, and creates a gentle breeze of fresh air flowing through your house making it comfortable on all but the very hottest days. And, it’s especially good at night when it’s usually less than 72 degrees outside, bringing naturally air conditioned air inside. In fact, it’s even useful on most SUMMER nights, when the temperature dips to 72 degrees or below.

We at Fix St Louis are big fans of Whole House Fans. After all, who WOULDN’T prefer fresh air from the outside flowing through their home. OK, maybe not residents of Sauget, Illinois. But who else? Nobody.

Give us a call to install one this Whole House Fan season. BTW, there’s another one coming up in the Fall.

Dr Steve
Fix St Louis