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Who’s better at stopping outside leaks? Us or the federal government?

Sure, outside leaks can jeopardize the security of our nation. But on an admittedly much, much more trivial level, have you ever thought what outside leaks can do to your home? Didn’t think so.

In fact, we bet you never even think about that faucet on theoutside. The one you can hook-up a hose to, for watering your lawn and garden. Or to give your car a cold bath. Or to spray at your neighbor’s bratty kids to get them off your newly seeded lawn.

Never thinking about that faucet is a known dysfunction, what the Psychiatric Services Department at Fix St Louis refers to as “avoidance.” Because we know that many, if not most, of you now have some kind of problem with that faucet. Do any of these symptoms sound familiar?:

  • It drips from the spout after you turn it off, making that one square foot of grass beneath it the fastest growing grass in your lawn.
  • When you turn the handle, water sprays all over the place from the faucet stem, soaking you with water.
  • Worse yet, maybe when you turn it on water starts dripping into your basement or you get water stains on your basement ceiling and wall.

Fortunately, Fix St Louis is a whole lot better at fixing outsideleaks than the federal government, who these days is about as good at keeping secrets as Yenta the matchmaker (BTW, saw Fiddler at the MUNY Saturday – your handyman gives it 5 stars).


Unlike our betters in Washington, Fix St Louis can immediately discover the source of leaks and shut them down within an hour or two. Then, not only can we restore whatever was damaged, we can make the situation even better than before by installing frost-proof faucets that keep your pipes from freezing & cracking when it’s cold outside. We can even install additional water shut-off valves to keep water away from the outside walls, and access panels so you can reach these shut-offs even if you have a finished ceiling.

It’s no secret to Fix St Louis that many of you have problems with that leaking outside faucet. The first step is admitting you have a problem. And the next is calling us.


Dr Steve

Fix St Louis