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Get that CROWDED-OUT car BACK into your garage and KEEP it there EVERY night

If your kid’s room got too messy, you wouldn’t make him sleep out on the street that night, would you? For sure, that might be a tempting threat for an exasperated parent, but can we all agree that would be terrible parenting?

So now consider this equally terrible analogy. Why are you throwing your innocent car out of your garage and onto the streets each time, through no fault of its own, someone in your family gets a large delivery, paints a bird house, receives a gift of an unwanted old dresser from Aunt Fannie, or is too lazy to put things away?

At one time, having that car out on the street wasn’t such a big deal. Yeah, it might have signaled to your neighbors that you didn’t quite have your act together because your garage was a mess. And that blast of snow last week reminded us you never have to scrape ice off a windshield that’s in a garage.

But now in the age of that “Next Door” social media site, our innocence has been lost forever. We now know that every night at all hours, prowling our ‘hoods are young hoodie-wearing hoodlums, with faces we can’t quite make out on RING doorbell videos, who seek to mete out financial punishment to any homeowner who doesn’t have the diligence to check three times to make sure every car door is locked.

The good news is that with a little help from us, you can easily get that vehicle back into the garage every night, without needing a car-sized shoe horn. Here’s what Fix St Louis can do for you:

  • Create high capacity storage shelving on the side and back walls of your garage using lumber.
  • Build an attic with storage space above your cars by installing a plywood floor and a fold-down attic ladder.
  • Hang pegboard along garage walls to hold rakes, shovels, brooms, and tools.
  • Install hooks above vehicles to hang bicycles, wreaths, lawn spreaders, and other items.
  • Remove the column between your 2 garage doors so larger vehicles with big outside mirrors can pull in.
  • Build or assemble a shed in your backyard for mowers, garden tools, and more.

Who knows? After successfully taming your garage, you might be inspired to bring in Fix St Louis to tame your kid’s bedroom, and tackle all the unexplained holes, dents, chips, and poster adhesives on the wall, and the closet door that’s off its track. No need for RING video footage here – the identity of the culprit is well-known. Just let us know when enough debris has been removed so that we can actually see the damage.

Let Fix St Louis help keep your car safe from the mean streets of your subdivision. I wonder why it took the invention of RING and Next Door to alert us about this. Shouldn’t the cat have said something?

Dr Steve

Fix St Louis