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Kick the habit of not fixing the small stuff

Time for some tough love.  Why do you continue to live under the same roof as those small things that never get fixed?  They irritate you, and you can never get them out of your mind.  Why can’t you ever seem to summon the will to kick them out of your house for good, vowing never to think about them again?  Is this one of those strange dependency things you often hear about?

C’mon, please at least admit you have a problem.  Those small cracks in your walls.  That slow leak from your faucet or the drain below your sink. The doors and windows that don’t open or close quite right.  Those water stains on your ceiling, or that creepily creep-out from the base of your toilet. That non-working outlet or light switch.  And that DOORBELL!  Is it just me, or have you also noticed that less than half of St. Louisans have a doorbell that actually works?

The good news is that we have developed a 5-step program to kick your habit of ignoring small repairs.  All you have to do is read out loud and believe the 5 statements below:

  1. For whatever reason, my well-meaning Honey-Doer just doesn’t, so I will take matters into my own hands.
  2. Since I don’t realize how easy it is to fix these things, I erroneously believe the repair costs will be extremely high, and not worth it.
  3. While I correctly believe most contractors will attempt to turn my small jobs into big ones, I forgot that Fix St Louis specializes in small jobs and gladly does work that takes as little as one hour.
  4. While I’ve been thinking my problems are so unusual that I don’t know who to call, I also forgot Fix St Louis provides one-stop shopping for home repairs and can fix just about anything.
  5. I misplaced Fix St Louis’ phone number, which is 314-434-4100.

Whoops, looks like our one-hour session is up!  What do you say we hold the next session at your home?  And now that you’ve been cured, we’ll give you a free estimate.

Dr. Steve