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Why is your handyman’s START DATE as UNCERTAIN as your COVID shot date?

You’re a busy person, and you keep a tight schedule. You make firm appointments with just about everyone — your doctor, hair dresser, pilates instructor, even your friends.

But when it comes to handymen and contractors, for some reason that’s a different story — you just hand over all control of your schedule to them. They say “yeah, it looks like we can start about 3 weeks from now, give or take.” Or, in the best case, “we’ll show-up a week from Tuesday, maybe sometime in the morning.”

And you go, “sure, I’ll just wait until the last minute to find out when you’re coming, then rearrange my appointments with everyone who is less important than you are, including my doctor, hair dresser, pilates instructor, and friends.”

Now, we at Fix St Louis  are the odd-handyman-out on this one. Unlike virtually everyone else, we propose and get your agreement to firm dates and times. And even more amazing given the level of dysfunction in our industry, we actually SHOW-UP at those firm dates and times — unless it’s obvious to everyone that it would be crazy to do that job in that weather.

So, we make your life easier by letting you schedule around our work. And we also give you confidence that, unlike some others, we will actually show-up.

So, why is Fix St Louis  just about the only one who does this? Here’s some reasons.

  • It’s more convenient to let your work date float. No, not more convenient to YOU, who has to keep rearranging your schedule — more convenient to THEM. So if any particular earlier job takes them longer than expected, they can just put you off, and go to your home when they are finished, knowing they’ll have continuous work days no matter what.
  • It’s a way for them to lock you into a commitment, while hoping a bigger job comes along in the meantime.
  • It’s easier than telling you to your face that they don’t want your stinking small job in the first place. If they run out of other jobs, MAYBE you’ll hear from them again. But if you DO catch-up with them, be prepared to hear a litany of excuses, often involving tragedies suffered by make-believe distant relatives.

Look, it’s understandable why you would put-up with the uncertainty of when you’ll get your COVID shot. But, there’s an easy fix for dealing with the uncertainty of a handyman’s start date. Call Fix St Louis .

Dr Steve
Fix St Louis