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Window Repair

You don’t have to live with windows with bad personalities!

Admit it. It’s a problem, but never a big enough problem that ever got you past the mental paralysis caused by not being sure how to get it fixed, right?

Your windows are hard to open or close, or don’t stay open. They get stuck and you have to use increasingly strange methods you’ve invented over time, that only you know, to get them unstuck. When one of them closes, it’s not quite square, so there’s a small gap where air gets in. Or, how about that window that, when you open and let go, it slams down like a guillotine, and you breathe a sigh of relief that no one’s fingers, hand, arm, (or head?) was there at the time. It’s almost as if some of your windows have personalities, and have decided to be difficult.

You go to your computer, type in the search box keywords like “window repair” or “broken window,” and your browser displays all the wrong contractors. No, you don’t need a place that replaces broken glass. And no, you don’t want to invite over some not-so-slick sales guy who won’t listen to a word you say, but instead babbles on that all your windows are obsolete, all need replacing, with all possible gaps in the conversation filled with gibberish about energy ratings, tinted glass upgrades, and 150-year guarantees.

Believe it or not, we actually know how to fix these problems. We do freaky windows. We actually understand the hardware behind the hard-to-operate windows, and know the obscure window parts suppliers who sell these hard-to-find parts. In fact, this small, silly stuff that no other contractors know how or want to do is a good chunk of our business. We are one-stop shopping for home repairs, and we specialize in small jobs like this (although we do big jobs, too).

You don’t have to live with windows with bad personalities. It’s an open and shut case — Fix St Louis are the folks you really need to call.