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Are You Living in a Crack House?  Let us mud, mortar, caulk & grout!

Can you never quite relax in your house because it’s always reminding you of what needs to be done?

You look up, there’s a crack in the ceiling. You look down, there’s a crack in the tile grout. You’re at the kitchen counter and there’s a crack at the top of the backsplash. You can’t take a relaxing hot shower or bath because there’s grout missing in the wall tiles and caulk missing along the top of the tub or shower base. You can’t even run outside to get away because there’s mortar missing in the brick walls or chimney.

OK, some of these cracks may be just a matter of appearance. And, who are we to judge if you don’t mind your kids’ friends reporting back to their parents — a.k.a. your neighbors — that there’s a crack house on their block? Or if you don’t mind those relatives who visit over the holidays making cracks about your housekeeping throughout the rest of the year?

But those cracks in your bathroom matter. They can let water enter the walls, rot the drywall and lumber behind them, and stain or damage the ceiling below.

And those cracks on the windows and siding of your house can let in rain, ground water, and all kinds of insects and other pests.

So, damage caused by cracks is not just limited to your reputation.

Call Fix St Louis today and let our crack team get to work. We’ve got joint compound, mortar, caulk, grout, and sealants of all kinds. We can even finish-off the cracks by smoothing out and painting these areas so that no one would ever suspect those lost years, when you let this kind of stuff fall through the cracks, and let your house go.

Why wait until just before the holidays to get your house in top shape for visitors? Get cracking! Let Fix St Louis help you enjoy your house all year long.

Dr Steve
Fix St Louis