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The Long and Winding Trip Hazard That Leads to Your Door

OK, members of our studio audience. Let’s play JEOPARDY. The category is home repairs, and the answer is…”Yes, I need to do something someday before someone gets hurt”. Tick-tick-tick-tick-buzz. Nobody? The question was “What does “Fix St Louis hear every time they point out uneven walkway slabs (also accepted: a sunken last slab that makes the step-up to the porch too high)?”
So, what’s with that? What makes otherwise responsible homeowners freeze-up like final round contestants on Jeopardy whenever discussing the trip hazards on the way to their front door? And, why are they willing to PLACE into jeopardy a couple of bags of spilled groceries, their children’s kneecaps, and Aunt Mattie’s hip?

The first reason is that homeowners mistakenly think this is a huge repair, perhaps requiring the replacement of ALL of their slabs, plus a Bobcat, plus a backhoe, plus a cement mixer, plus a 2nd mortgage. The other reason they do nothing is they have no idea what type of company to call to make these repairs.

Actually, no, it’s usually not a big job. And, yes, of course we can handle this (otherwise, why would we be bringing this up in the first place?).

In case you’re wondering, the solution is usually not demolishing and re-pouring slabs, but drilling holes in the slabs, and pumping material under pressure beneath the slabs so they float up, back into position. It’s called concrete leveling. Sorta like what mudjackers do, if you’ve seen that done.

So now, you no longer have to get on Jeopardy and get every answer right, just to prove to your neighbors you’re smarter than they are. You can do this AND end the possibility of serious injury to your loved ones (and unloved solicitors) by giving Fix St Louis a call.


Dr Steve

Fix St Louis