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Are You Ready for Your Screen Test?

People talk a lot about protecting the planet, but does it sometimes seem like the planet doesn’t care all that much about protecting us?

We need to build houses to protect ourselves from snow, rain, hot, cold, water, wind, and animals of all sizes. And if we dare leave so much as a 1/4″ gap anywhere in the house to let some of that natural air come in, we’re rewarded with pesky little flying creatures, some of which even bite! Whose idea was this?

So, it’s not even enough to have screens on your windows, storm doors, and patio doors. They have to fit properly so that all gaps are closed. And they can’t have any holes or tears in them.

Now, you may not think that the average bug is particularly intelligent. But somehow, they are all members of Mensa when it comes to finding every hole or gap in your house big enough for them to fly through. Worse yet, this is the time of year they like to impersonate Hollywood directors, and they’re about to give each one of us a screen test.

So, if there are holes or tears in your screens, or Fido was getting a little impatient waiting to get out, you might want to call Fix St Louis.

Not only can we replace torn screens, we can also fix or replace those annoying sliding patio screen doors that get stuck or leave gaps. We can also upgrade you to newer screen materials that resist holes, tears, and damage from man’s so-called best friend.

At Fix St Louis, we’re looking forward to coming to a screen near you!

Dr Steve
Fix St Louis